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Dining Service today is much more than a cafeteria where students get the necessary fuel for their bodies. It is now one of the most important social hubs on every college campus. With that in mind, ask yourself:

  • Are you providing the level of service your customers across campus expect? 
  • Are you receiving the appropriate financial return? 
  • Are you forced to micromanage your department?
  • Is growth in service even on your radar?
  • Should you contract your service?
  • Is the current contractor exceeding your expectations?

With over 30 years of experience serving the higher education marketplace, we provide unique solutions for dining service operations. We can help you answer all of the questions above and much, much more.

Our approach is totally customized, based on your specific needs. Our focus is on three primary drivers to excellence:

  • Service offerings review and improvement
  • Operational delivery systems review
  • Growth strategies that work

No project is too big or too small.

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Service Offerings That Work

Service... Service ...Service!

Great customer service creates positive memories for life!  And with today’s connectivity created by social media, one happy customer can tell literally thousands of others. Great service is the foundation necessary to build a winning dining service on campus.

Do You Have Winning Service?

Do you provide services that truly are best in class? 

Do you create environments where great memories happen?

Are your customers raving about your services?

Do your menus, venues, services, and hours of operation align with customers' needs and expectations?

Are your customer service associates properly trained, motivated, and appreciated?

These are just a few of the factors we will review for you in an effort to build a truly exceptional experience for your community.

Do You Want to Know More about Creating Service Perfection?

 Call Tom at (404) 259-1449 or complete the contact form below to learn more. 

About Us

Our Founder - Tom Dorer



Tom is a high-energy leader who has  been embedded in higher education engaging with administrations, students, and communities to launch ambitious campus dining initiatives. He has passionately and diligently dedicated his entire career to strategizing, building, and leading his team to achieve unprecedented growth and success in the higher education dining marketplace. He spent 25 years with a large national contractor in the higher education group as a regional vice president before founding Right Angle Partners.

He is known for inspiring people to exceed their reach, building organizational loyalty through trust-based relationships, and achieving record-setting outcomes. He earned the coveted Trusted Business Adviser status with numerous high-level clients.

With a keen ability to listen intently, assess unique alternatives, and develop innovative solutions that exceed client expectations, Tom can provide training and mentoring in support of continuous improvement while monitoring initiatives across all services. A culture change agent with a reputation for successfully managing the P&L for a business unit and taking on complex, collaborative and multifaceted roles, he can see to your operation's success.

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